LRC Project Guide

Welcome to the LRC Project
  • Introduction to the Toolkit
  • LRC Project Overview
  • LRC Project Information Sheet
  • Standard LRC Resources Package
  • LRC Directory

    LRC Operations

  • Rules for Information Coordinators/LRCs
  • Staff Training and Support: Minimum Training Proficiency Guidelines
  • Staff Training and Support: Pre-Test and Post-Test for LRC Training
  • Annual Workplan: Year One
  • Annual Workplan: Year Two
  • Annual Workplan: Year Three+
  • LRC Project Results Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines, Workplan, and Reference Manual

    Reporting Forms

  • Institutional Capacity and Technical Assessment Form
  • LRC Setup Checklist
  • LRC Staffing: Roles, Responsibilities and Qualifications
  • LRC Staffing Nomination Form
  • Monthly Report Form
  • Access Survey
  • Practice Standard Review (PSR)
  • Institutional EBP Survey
  • Staff EBP Survey
  • Open House Report
  • Sustainability Survey
  • EBP Specialist Quarterly Progress Report
  • LRC Business Plan
  • LRC Business Plan - Budget Spreadsheet
  • LRC Associate Membership Form

    LRC Project Impacts

  • LRC Highlights Bulletins
  • Success Stories
  • Selected Presentations and Abstracts from Regional LRC Dissemination Conferences in 2002
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned report: A Guide to Improving Healthcare through Information and Communication Technology (2003)
  • LRC Achievement Awards (2003)
  • Annual Reports: 2003 | 2002
  • Project Evaluation: Rational Medical Decision Making: Evidence-based Practice at AIHA Partnerships (2002)
  • Project Evaluation: An Assessment of the AIHA Learning Resource Center Project (2001)
  • Project Evaluation: A Diffusion of Medical Information Technology in CEE and NIS (1998)
  • CommonHealth Article: Linking Practitioners, Patients, and Communities to Vital Healthcare Information (2001)
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